Is It Time To Make A Move?

Here are a handful of unique reasons for selling your home to think about if you are considering putting your home on the market as our prime selling season is about to kick off.

Neighborhood – the reality is neighborhoods are always in a state of change, what is true of a neighborhood one year may not be true five or ten years later. Just look at some neighborhoods around Summerville, some homeowners now have to deal with the density issues apartment buildings bring to an area where ten years ago nobody would of thought anyone would of built an apartment building there. Management companies and neighborhood boards can change and bring with them changes that may not be to your liking. Maybe you no longer feel comfortable or safe in your neighborhood. For whatever reason when the neighborhood no longer makes you happy often the best thing you can do is find a more fitting neighborhood to call home. We have been telling buyers for almost 20 years that if your between two houses pick the one whose neighborhood you like best because you can always remodel a home but you can’t really pick one up and move it to a neighborhood you like better.
Them Folks Right Next Door – might sound funny but I actually had a client sell a house they loved, in a neighborhood they loved simply because they couldn’t stand the people living right next door to them. When that’s the case and it is too much to deal with you might want to think about selling and making a move. We have been pretty blessed to have had some great neighbors but if that wasn’t the case and we knew they weren’t leaving anytime soon, well then selling would have to be something for us to consider.
Babies Bring Moving Boxes – it is funny that a home that is roomy for two adults all of a sudden feels cramped when 9 or 10 pounds is brought home. Babies make your home small quick, so if your expecting or hoping to be expecting this might be a good time to consider selling.
Downsizing – downsizing can mean a lot of things. Maybe you are done dealing with stairs and want to move to a single level, maybe your house is just to big now and you want to lower your costs, maybe you are tired of lawn work and want to move to a beachfront condo, or maybe you are ready to unload that rental property and reduce your responsibilities. Whatever the reason downsizing is meant to lower your burdens and sometimes a move is the best way to do that.
Cheaper than Remodeling – remodeling a home can be a great experience, ok maybe going through the experience isn’t the greatest but the end results are worth it. However sometimes you would save money, and of course the months of living in a dust bowl, by simply moving. Like if you have a galley kitchen and want a big open kitchen, might be easier and cheaper to move into a home with the kitchen design you want. Usually anytime you are making major structural changes you should consider the costs associated with remodeling versus the costs of moving to see where your money goes furthest.
Whatever your reason for selling we specialize in helping our clients get the most money, in the shortest period of time with the least amount of stress. If you considering selling please feel free to contact me and let’s get you a free market analysis so you can see where your home would be priced at and decide if now is the time you make that move.
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