OUR CULTURE - our company culture is shaped by two simple and timeless principles the golden rule of treating others as we would want to be treated and servant leadership which compels us to serve first, to put the needs of others first and to focus on the growth and well being of the people we work with and our community. Because of our founding principles we are intentionally a boutique Summerville area Real Estate shop focused on helping grow the business of a few select agents rather than trying to sign up as many agents as we can and hope some make it. We represent a marriage of these traditional values with the best of modern technology to help our agents and clients achieve and exceed their goals. Our broker in charge Sherry has been in real estate for 20 years and is always available to help guide and mentor our agents and answer any questions and deal with any problems that come up along the way.

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR - being boutique on purpose we are only looking for a few full time dedicated agents who want to grow their business and who can commit to the standards our founding principles demand.


EXPERIENCED AGENTS -  10 deals done or have had license 2+ years
90% for own leads, 70% for company provided leads
NEW AGENTS - less than 10 transactions done or 2 years in the business, applies to the first 5 transactions with TSG then moves to the experienced agent split above 75% for own leads, 55% for company provided leads

The brokerage split fee is capped at 10k a year.
There is a $100 file fee per transaction that covers E&0 and board fees so you won't be billed seperately for either of those fees.
PROFIT SHARING - after doing 30 deals with TSG you will begin to earn profit sharing which will convert to equity, we want a core group of our agents to own and run this company eventually.
LEADS - our goal is to provide 2 prequalified leads to every agent in our office a month
MENTORING- our broker in charge has 20 years experience as an agent in two different markets and is always in the Summerville office to offer help and guidance.
OFFICE SPACE- A new downtown Summerville office ready for you to use and with everything you need to achieve your goals.
MARKETING - whether it is print or electronic, static images or video we can help you get your message out to your audience to grow your business.

To schedule a confidential meeting to see if we may be a good fit for each other please contact Sherry at 843 285 5166 or at

Ready to Find Out More?

When you are ready to take a look at what we have to offer and how together we can build your business contact us to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss.