Starting Down The Path To Homeownership

Are you thinking about becoming a homeowner? Great here are the first steps to take to make sure you experience is a joyful and as stress free as possible.

  1. Get A Handle on Your Credit – this is the starting point of the home buying process and often the toughest to navigate for first time buyers. We will walk you through this along with our lenders who are highly skilled at not just lending but making the lending process make sense to the buyer. Once we have this part set and you know how much you can afford and have your gameplan we move on to a little recon.
  2. Scout some Potential Neighborhoods – take a look around neighborhoods you might be interested in and check them out during various times of day and at various times of the week. You want to find the neighborhood that best jells with you and only you can determine that so get out there and do a little recon and see where best matches you.
  3. Needs and Wants List – this will be a list that changes as you go through the process and see more homes but start with what you think the home must absolutely have and then a second list of what you want the home to have. After that add a list of things you absolutely do not want the home to have. These are your lists, there are no right or wrong answers just put what you think and as you see more homes revisit the list to make sure it accurately reflects what you want.
  4. Getting The MLS Listings – once you have a price range, a few neighborhoods or areas in mind and an idea of what you are looking for in your new home you then we can send you emailed MLS listings that match your criteria. This is really the only way to get real time listings that match what you want without the number of homes already under contract that come up on most internet searches. You want to see homes you can buy not homes you missed out on so once your ready we will customize a MLS search that will send you everything you should be seeing to your email.
  5. The Search┬áBegins – once you pick a few of those MLS listing that you are interested in we will begin showing you homes, walking through and discussing them with you, helping you navigate areas and specifics about the homes, and will continue to do so until we find the right place for you to call home.

Once we have found the right home for you we will negotiate your purchase, work with your lender to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, attend the inspections, negotiate the repairs and be by your side the entire time until we are sitting with you at the closing table and can hand you the keys to your new home. If your thinking about becoming a homeowner feel free to reach out we will be happy to have our almost two decades of experience guide you to getting the right home for you with the least amount of hassle.

Sherry Swift

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