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Been on the fence about buying a house? Relax you are not alone many people struggle to make that decision to take the plunge into homeownership. Sometimes that time ticking by doesn’t hurt you much, but in this market it might. While trying to time a market is like trying to catch a falling knife here are some reasons to make your decision sooner rather than later.

  • Rates are going up – they have to they have nowhere else to go. What does this mean? It means you will qualify for a lower mortgage value thus buy less house and get to pay more money every month for it.
  • Prices keep going up – most current models have the average price in the tri-county area hitting $275,000 in the next couple years. So the longer you wait the less you get, your 4 bedroom becomes a three bedroom, your single family detached becomes a townhome and your townhome becomes a condo. If you can afford what you want now then by all mean take advantage of that while you can.
  • If the market tanks you won’t be able to buy – some folks are thinking the market may tank and hey it may at any moment, remember timing a market is like catching a falling knife. If it does guess what? You won’t be able to get a mortgage because lenders don’t lend into tanking markets. Oh and rents skyrocket in tanking markets because landlords know more people have to rent and these people drive up rental demand. Unless you have cash to buy with don’t try to wait for the market to tank because you won’t be able to get a loan to buy then anyway. So buy now hold and even if the market tanks you are sitting comfortably in your new home of your own waiting for it to go back up, which it always does.

We understand buying a home is a massive step, especially a first home or the first home in a while. For 20 years we have been helping people find the right place to call home at the right time, so feel free to lean on us, contact us and we will sit down with you and go over the options and give you real, valuable and executable insight to help you through the process. No rush, no hard sale just information you need to help make the best decision for you.


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