Ladson Real Estate and Area Information

Welcome to Ladson!

Ladson is a smaller town in South Carolina with a population around 15,000 and a total area of about 7 square miles that sits between Summerville, North Charleston and Goose Creek. This central location makes it easy to get to attractions in other areas though Ladson does have a number of things to offer as well.

Ladson has a lot to offer for a smaller town with a number of great restaurants, access to the Ashley River and the Exchange Park which hosts the annual Coastal Carolina Fair (if you never had a deep fried oreo you can get one at the fair)  as well as a number of special events and a weekly swap meet. 

 Founded in 1905 Ladson is named in honor of the Ladson family, one of the oldest planter and merchant families in the Charleston area. All three local counties; Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston, meet in Ladson so depending on where you live in Ladson you could be under any of the three local county governments. 

Ladson Real Estate – for a small town Ladson definitely has diverse real estate offerings. Ladson has homes built last month and homes built at the turn of the last century all within 7 square miles. Like a lot of the lowcountry because Ladson has been developed over such a long period of time you have just about every type of housing imaginable here. 


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