Moncks Corner Real Estate and Area Information

Welcome to Moncks Corner!

Moncks Corner is a growing town in Berkeley County that has seen a lot of development in recent years. The population now sits around 12,000 with newer development mixing with rural spaces and historic sites.

Moncks Corner has a lot of historic sites and a lot of nature spaces that are still preserved. Moncks Corner was founded in 1728 and some of that history is still around. The town has just about doubled in population in the past decade or so with a number of new neighborhoods being built. As the area has developed a lot of amenities have also come to town making life much more convenient for people living in Moncks Corner.

Moncks Corner Real Estate – You will find everything in Moncks corner from land to mobile homes to condos to single family homes to mansions on multiple acres. Some homes are old enough to be considered historic and others are so new the paint is still drying so you are bound to find a home that feels right in Moncks Corner.


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