West Ashley Real Estate and Area Information

Welcome to West Ashley

West Ashley is an area of Charleston the name comes from West of the Ashley River and most of the area falls within the city limits of Charleston. The area was mostly developed between the 1950s through the 1980s as a suburb of Charleston. The area is extremely centrally located with so many highways and freeways being in the area you can easily get to Summerville or Mount Pleasant from West Ashley. The area is home to the Citadel Mall which is the largest indoor shopping mall in our area but the area is also known for some amazing small local shops and a seemingly endless supply of fantastic restaurants.

For real estate purposes West Ashley is separated into two areas; inside the 526 which runs from the 526 east towards Charleston and outside the 526 which runs west of the 526 towards Hollywood. West Ashley is known as the birthplace of Charleston because the first English settlement was established here.

Overall West Ashley has a nice mix of suburban and urban conveniences depending where you are in the area. The location is one of the most convenient areas if you need to get to Summerville one day and Mount Pleasant the next but the area also has enough to offer than you don’t have to leave West Ashley often to really enjoy life.


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